NCL® Dual-Blend® Wall Mounted Dispenser


  • This chemical management system is easy to use and provides a consistent, accurate dilution each and every time. Dilution control….your way.
  • Completely closed dispensing system
  • Reduces contact with concentrated chemical
  • Minimum setup required. Quick and easy to use
Manufacturer #4113
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Durability - Sturdy, durable plastic construction that holds up for long term use. Dispenses to both bottles and buckets from all four products. Bottle activated fill assembly for one-handed quart bottle filling. Accurate dilutions control costs. Save money and product perform better.

  • Lockable cabinet. Comes with 2 keys. Secure 3 point lock, top, middle and bottom, keeps product concentrates safe.
  • ASSE Approved back flow device prevents contamination of water source.
  • Simple installation. Minimum setup required. No tips to insert, no tubes to install. Comes ready to use, simply mount on wall, connect to water source, insert products and begin diluting products.